I do!


Whether you’re the bride-to-be or her guest, you’re bound to say yes to one of the hair accessories created by our founder, Macha de Catheu.


The wedding season is about to start up again, and if you’re looking for jewelry to beautify your hair on the big day, Les Cerises de Mars has the solution.


We have delicate headbands that will blend perfectly into the hairdo you’ve dreamt of for this special day, or perhaps you’d prefer a piece that you can simply lay atop your meticulously curled locks.


The accessory you pick will without a doubt be a fabulous way to perfect your outfit and make you stand out.


What hairstyle for Diane's grand prix?

ee you on June 17 at the Chantilly racecourse for the famous Grand Prix de Diane Longines: the trendy event not to be missed this year! This is the occasion for you ladies to get out the big game: the elegant and feminine dress that will enhance your figure, the pumps to lengthen and refine your le... Read more

Best gift for teachers

The end of the school year is fast approaching and your little cabbage buggers will say goodbye to their mistress. This year why give chocolates again? This year, stand out and give her a nice fashion accessory: comb, hair pick or hair clip, you have a choice! Gone are the days of the classic elasti... Read more

What hair, what finery?

Straight hair? Curly? Wavy? You don't know how to do your hair? Several solutions exist and today we will share some of them with you. You, with curly hair, indomitable rebel, several head accessories can save you & simplify your daily life! Let yourself be tempted by an XL hair clip to hold your ... Read more

Tiare advice

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Care to prepare the summer !

The holidays are about to begin, to keep your hair on top you have to adopt the right gestures. As summer approaches, the sun, beach, wind and sea pose health and wellness hazards to our hair that can get damaged and dry. Don't panic, we will give you several gestures to adopt to have a beautiful ... Read more

Girl got talent - Viktoria

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Perfect harmony between metal color and hair color

Your hair color is unique. You would like to find the best colour for your hairbands, headbands or headbands so that their colour matches perfectly with our hair? Today, we will simplify your life by giving you some wise advice! BROWN / CHESTNUT For maximum effect on your brown hair? Dare to w... Read more

It's summer

We have dreamed so much of sun and heat that we can now celebrate their return! Bye rainy winter and dull colors, place with bright and summer colors. It's time to put your big coats in the locker room, stand out your fluid and light outfits and look a major problem: your hair! Once your natu... Read more

Time for you

Holidays are over, The cold wave soaring, Raindrops do not wash anymore pavers, The last rays of the sun lick our windows more and more later, Short ... I have the pleasure to share with you this wonderful information : THE SUNNY DAYS COME BACK ! The sun returns to our hearts and our heads blowing ... Read more

Return of cold ? Unthinkable but true!

You no longer thought about it, you had just put away your winter stuff and were preparing cheerfully for the arrival of Spring? It was not counting on the surprises that we reserve lady weather this year. On the agenda for the next few days ... -1 to -6 ... and the wind, rather chilling? ... admi... Read more

A solution for your hair

Today, bring a smile back to your hair! Here are some practical tips to incorporate into your morning ritual to take care of your hair: Tip # 1 - STOP the phobia of the hairbrush! Many of you told me that they almost never brush their hair to keep volume ... This theory puzzles me. Scoop of ... Read more

Ice wedding in the spotlight

WEATHER ALERT! A week of flakes freezes the spirits. Roads are blocked, cities deserted, and their residents hibernating. So you had to experiment at a time of the week a freeze of your closet, paralyzed in front of this flood. You even may be succumb to the temptation of total "let go" by borro... Read more

Festive hairstyles

End-of-the-year festivities are approaching with their usual lot of questions: what am I going to wear? what hairstyle or accessory will best help me usher in the new year? No need to panic: we are here to help! Thanks to our tailored consultation service, in just one session you’ll find the piece t... Read more

Place in curly hair !

If you think because of your curly hair you can’t wear hair jewerly, think again. The temperatures rise, it’s the opportunity to raise his hair to form a bun blur that you will fix with 2 or 3 hairpikes we have. An uncluttered neck and a sophisticated hairstyle that will help give you an elegant si... Read more

Dare color

Only a few weeks before our favorite season comes to an end. The grayness will be nothing but a bad memory. Summer, The period during which one should not be afraid to wear color. We offer you many headbands or colorful turbans with summer patterns. They will be perfect for a ceremony or to complet... Read more

To your hats !

Autumn is settling in and temperatures are falling: time to cover up! Fortunately, our new Cerises de Mars collection has ample surprises in store for your frosty ears and heads. The chilliest among you will opt for our wool and cashmere turbans. They are a stylish and elegant alternative to more tr... Read more

Flower power !

This week, let's dream of sun, flowers and bracing scents. Winter never ends, our vitamin D is at its lowest, let's go back with a good dose of colors and solar ideas! Little trick of the day, waiting for the spring, the heat, the terraces and the magic rays of sun, surround you with flowers of th... Read more