I do!


Whether you’re the bride-to-be or her guest, you’re bound to say yes to one of the hair accessories created by our founder, Macha de Catheu.


The wedding season is about to start up again, and if you’re looking for jewelry to beautify your hair on the big day, Les Cerises de Mars has the solution.


We have delicate headbands that will blend perfectly into the hairdo you’ve dreamt of for this special day, or perhaps you’d prefer a piece that you can simply lay atop your meticulously curled locks.


The accessory you pick will without a doubt be a fabulous way to perfect your outfit and make you stand out.


Festive hairstyles

End-of-the-year festivities are approaching with their usual lot of questions: what am I going to wear? what hairstyle or accessory will best help me usher in the new year? No need to panic: we are here to help! Thanks to our tailored consultation service, in just one session you’ll find the piece that perfectly harmonizes with your outfit. Don’t wait any longer! Come visit us at 35 rue de Grenelle with a picture of your ensemble, and we will be happy to advise you on the exact accessory you need.


Autumn is settling in and temperatures are falling: time to cover up! Fortunately, our new Cerises de Mars collection has ample surprises in store for your frosty ears and heads. The chilliest among you will opt for our wool and cashmere turbans. They are a stylish and elegant alternative to more traditional caps. Others might succumb to the sublimely soft cashmere and wool headbands that are infinitely adjustable thanks to their sliding clasp. What’s new right now? Personalizing your headbands and turbans with different plant and graphic prints, stitched on-demand just how you want.


Only a few weeks before our favorite season comes to an end. The grayness will be nothing but a bad memory.